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6. AGE

Thanks In advance.
MR. Mike Jasper
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de sua conta de e-mail. Sua senha e pessoal e intransferivel."

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File - BeginFAQ.txt

WABlist Beginner's FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)

The WABlist can be a forbidding place for the newcomer, but we hope to help you ease yourself in with this guide to some of the cultural aspects of the list. This FAQ does NOT include rules queries, clarifications etc. For those you should go to the separate FAQ in the Files section.

What it will do is try to help you understand some of the more obscure references which have built up over the life of this list, and that of it's predecessor. So here goes:

1. Some abbreviations in common use:

WAB - Warhammer Ancient Battles (less commonly also WHAB)
AoA - Armies of Antiquity (short army list supplement)
CW - Chariot Wars (longer army supplement covering early period)
FBIGO - Fall Back In Good Order
EIR - Early Imperial Romans
NKE - New Kingdom Egyptians
Repub Romans or Repo Romans - Republican Romans
Mongrel - Mongols or Nomad Horde
Sushi Slicers - Samurai
HYW - Hundred Years War
WOTR - Wars of the Roses
GW - Games Workshop
WI - Wargames Illustrated magazine. Once compared to 'Playboy' because of its pretty pictures.
WFB - Warhammer Fantasy Battles - like WAB, but with magic and monsters.
40K - Warhammer 40,000 - like WAB, but with space stuff.
AB - Army Builder. A computerised army list maker available from
PHB - Pseudo Historical Bulls***
LOL - Laughing Out Loud
SSRB - Self Serving Rat Bast***

2. A guide to where to get the rules:

This will depend on where in the world you are. Several on-line stores will sell WAB, AoA, CW, etc. to you.

In North America try Brookhurst Hobbies or Sabres's Edge

3. A short guide to figures

Most people on the list use 25mm figures, which in reality are more like 28mm high, for reasons too complex to go into. Some people use 15mm figures, and a few even use 6mm or other obscure sizes. Opinion is divided as to which are best, and it would have to be said that several factors come into this, including taste, expense and availability. For example many people think Foundry figures are better quality than Old Glory, but they're more expensive and slightly harder to get hold of in the USA. Gripping Beast are another favourite of mine.

The Society of Ancients does a good review of figures, try checking out their webpage for details of availability of various figures and ranges.

4. A brief history of The Keeper

A few hundred years ago the Cult of The Keeper of Lead would have been counted as heresy, and it's followers hunted down and dealt with mercilessly. Luckily we live in more enlightened times and the mysteries of the Keeper are gradually becoming better known and understood. The evolving mythos of the Keeper is sometimes referred to within the list. Perhaps all you need to know is that The Keeper is the unofficial god of wargaming........

5. Theories on the importance of buying more figures than we could ever possibly hope to paint:

Theory One is that it is to keep the earth from becoming unbalanced and wobbly - the lead figures should be equally spread round the world, so if one of us has loads of figures, everyone else needs more of them.

Theory Two is that The Keeper does not allow a wargamer to die until all his/her figures are painted. Immortality can therefore be achieved by making sure you have plenty of figures in stock. In practice most people just insure for the next few years with their current lead mountain..

Theory Three is that in case of nuclear attack you can bury yourself under your figures and the lead content will mean that you will be safe from fall-out radiation.

6. How to protect your Sherdan from squirrels:

You what? See, I said some of this stuff was obscure! Listowner Don was apparently once following good practice and spray varnishing his newly finished Sea Peoples figures in the garden (good ventilation!), when a squirrel took a fancy to one of the figures and stole it, hightailing across the garden with it, with a furious Don chasing after. This gave rise to much hilarity and leg-pulling, and the subject still surfaces sometimes.

7. Where is the Centre of the Wargames World?

This is in Nottingham. Nottingham is home to the WAB creators, as well as Foundry, Games Workshop, Harlequin Miniatures, POP Enterprises and me! Not to be confused with the 'spiritual home of wargaming' which is in nearby Newark, home of the Partizan show, Newark Irregulars and Wargames Illustrated magazine.

This FAQ posted and maintained by Laurence. If there is anything you think should be added, altered or otherwise changed please let me know off list. I'm at

3rd September 2000

File - basing.doc

File : basing.doc
Description : Because the WAB rule book gives no exact standard for basing miniatures, a few people have requested

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File - wab_faq.txt

Warhammer Ancient Battles & Mailing List FAQ:

Draft 1, 8 march 2000

This is the WABList FAQ (frequently asked questions). It is not meant
to be a real gaming reference or some officially endorsed WAB supplement.
But rather it is intended as a tool to help guide the newbies to our list.
Readers new to the list, or new to WAB itself, frequently ask the same
questions. For people that have been on the mailing list for longer
amounts of time, this document will help avoid a lot of the repetitive
discussion (and hopefully arguments :).

1. General
2. Main Rulebook (Includes EIR & General barbarian armies)
3. AoA (includes the directors cut specifics for the barbarians)
4. Chariot Wars
5. Web Related
6. Mailing List
7. Other

1. General:
Who is maintaining this piece of garbage, er, uh, FAQ?

Right now, its Tony Edwards ( Mail him with
any gripes or complaints. I own a spell checker, but I rarely ever
use it.

Where is the latest errata?

I am going to try & keep a copy of the errata (and this FAQ)
in our egroups Files area. For now, its location is:

Where to purchase Warhammer Ancient Battles or a supplement?

WAB has been out for a while now, so its pretty common and easy to find.
But three mail order vendors that can service world wide:
Brookhurst (USA) -
Sabre's Edge (Canada) -
Foundry (UK) -

What the hell are all those acronyms?

WAB - Warhammer Ancient Battles
WFB - Wahrammer Fantasy Battles
DBM - De Bellas Multiudnas, a competing ancient ruleset
DBA - De Bellas Antiquatas, a simpler version of the above
DBx - Folks too lazy to decide between DBM or DBA. There are actually
several other variants of "De Bellas" rules for other time periods,
and the DBx is usually meant to cover them all in a single group.

I'm sure countless others will be added over time. But this works
well for a start.

2. Main Rulebook
How does the Roman Testudo work?

As per a LOT of prior discussion and according to what is printed:
1. Testudo is adopted at the start of each turn in which the Romans want to
use it.
2. While in this formation, a unit cannot march or charge (being too busy
keeping the formation).
3. Getting out of Testudo is not a reform or a formation change, simply a
ceasation of declaring that you are in Testudo (OK guys drop the shields,
lets go!).
4. Therefore a Roman unit can charge in the turn after using Testudo by
simply not declaring themselves to be in Testudo and declaring a charge.

Where in the rulebook does it define fast cavalry?

It doesn't. Nor does it mention fast cavalry (*) in Armies of Antiquity
either. Jervis mentioned later that using "fast cavalry" was a mistake,
and either ignore the reference or simply use the light cavalry rules.

(*) Note that the Arab & Saracen army list in Armies of Antiquity acutally
describes bedouin cavalry as fast cavalry, gives rules for how it works,
and even mentions the fast cavalry rules from WFB. However its is specific
enough to that it only applies to that particular amrylist.

3. Armies of Antiquity
4. Chariot Wars

5. Web Related
Where are some good online resources for WAB?

Again, this could be a project in itself. Aside from the places already
mentioned elsewhere in this document, check out:
The WAB Webring -
You & Who's Army -
Vince's Homepage -

By no means an exhaustive or necessarily usful list, but that should
help get you started.

6. Mailing List
How do I subscribe?

If you've gotten this far, you either already know or know someone who does.

How do I unsubscribe?

The WABList main page,, will
direct you to the appropriate area. Follow the modify or unsubscribe
membership links.

What/where is the files area?

It is server space, provided by our host egroups, that allows us room to
upload and maintain files or other documentation we consider important.
Its real useful to check back every so often, as we rarely ever post
when we put something there. Either access it through the WABList main
page, or go directly there at

Why can't I post attached pictures of my miniatures?

Lately we had a virus go out (or almost go out, see below) across the
mailing list via an attached file, and now attachments are filtered out
by onelist itself. Note that attachments didn't do any good for our members
who read the digest.

7. General
These following questions are pretty common, but as a group we
seem to love answering them. So feel free to ask anyway. In case
you don't get wealth of replies don't take it personally, just start
with the links below.

Where can I see pictures of XXXXX?
Who makes figures for XXXXX?

A number of places have attempted to archive/catalog what is available
from whom for miniatures. The first, best place to check is the
manufacturers websites themselves. After that, try the Society of
Ancient's webpage ( There are a few other
places as well (like the You & Who's army website mentioned later)
but this is a good start.

What is the toughest army to beat?

Usually an army played by the opponents any one of several of our list
members. I meant to include an appropriate "King of the Losers" roll
call here, but on this list I would have too many names to add. :)
Suffice it to say the FAQ author lately should be high ranking as well.

8. Other
What is the best Napoleanic ruleset?

Debated far more often than it should be. Napolean's Battles, Piquet,
Fire & Fury crossovers, and Shako appear to be the leaders. Personally
I prefer WNB (Warhammer Napoleanic Battles) myself.

Yahoo! Groups: Welcome to WABlist. Visit today!


Welcome to the WABlist. Please take a moment to review this message.

To unsubscribe from this list, go to the yahoo website, at, and select the My yahoo groups link from the menu bar
on the left. This menu will also let you change your subscription
between digest, web only and/or individual email mode.

Once you begin getting the messages you will soon see that this list
is loosely structured. We prefer it that way. Off topic posts are okay within reason. Please make sure you type "OT" in the subject header when you are going off the deep end. Also, please delete all the extra junk attached to the email (that isn't pertaining to your response) when you reply. It makes it easier for everyone that way.

I hope you've brought a good sense of humor with you because our aim is
to have fun and not take these things too seriously. Life is too short. Enjoy!

Make sure you go to the WABlist yahoo site. Register and check out the Files section. There you will find many useful bits of information. Also, the Bookmarks section has many websites that can be useful.

One more thing, please do NOT post ads on the list, PERIOD! We DON'T want to read them. There have been problems with this in the past so don't do it at all. If you've got questions about this or anything else please don't hesitate to email me off list.


Don Effinger
The List Owner.

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File - Shelley Lovett's Printables

Hi... I just wanted to remind everyone how to access my free printables. You can do so by receiving them in an email (you must be set to individual email to receive these). There are also printables in the groups file section ... but that has become full so now I put the newer printables on my free page at If you want the printables directly in you email you must be set at individual mail.

This is the address for my free printables:

This is the address for our Group Page:

This is the the address for the Files Section:

Terms Of Use:

My free printables may be used for both classroom and home use. They may not be redistributed or altered in any way.

Some Basic Instructions:

I recommend printing on index or cardstock paper for durability. Lamanation is also recommended. If you would like to save on ink set you printer settings to "draft" instead of "normal". The black and white pattens will come out the same... the color will come out lighter than what the original is.

This message will be sent every two weeks as a reminder.

Thank you... and I hope you enjoy the printables!!

Shelley A. Lovett
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